Julien DIDIER, Senior Symfony Developer / Symfony Coach (freelance)

I'm a Senior Symfony Developer and a SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer (Expert), freelancer, living in Paris (FR).
I'm working on Symfony 2+ projects since 2011 for many companies, like French Unicorns, e-commerce, press, etc.
May my experience be valuable to your company? If you think so, let’s have a chat!


Symfony Expert Developer

In 2011, due to my venue at SensioLabs, I had the chance to work with the Symfony2 framework before it was released. Since that day, Symfony is my leitmotiv.
In 2015, I was graduated with the SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer, as an Expert.

I'm able to develop some specific parts of an application, designed by a feature.
I can work with "extreme", Kanban, Agile or SCRUM software development methodologies.

Symfony Coach

As a Symfony Coach, my job is to improve developer skills with Symfony:

I had to coach some project teams. I attended all the SCRUM meetings. When a developer takes a story which need some Symfony skills, I coach him. We talk about the parts of the Symfony framework that will help him to code. After explaining what we will do, the developer starts coding with me, to be sure everything is ok and to answer his queries.

Technical Architect

As a Technical Architect, my job is to find the best technical solutions to answer functional purposes. The process could follows these steps:

I was called to recast a customer space. My job was to think about a SOA implementation of the data (user API, newsletter API, etc) powered by REST APIs. I decided to use the OAuth2 framework for authentication (access tokens and refresh tokens) and authorizations (scopes). I developed and delivered the first implementation of the OAuth2 server. To instantiate quickly new APIs, the team used a home made and reusable APIBundle I developed for another project, which allows to configure new endpoints without any line of code.

Symfony Consultant

As a Symfony Consultant, I am able to:

At Maisons du Monde, two days every two weeks, I worked with the lead developers, to help them to take the best choices for the website. To help them, I wrote some Proof Of Concepts, like an example of soft migration from symfony 1.4 to Symfony2, or a OAuth2 implementation.


Personal projects

Home automation
With a set of Raspberry Pis, I'm automating my home with internal speech recognition and IoT convergence (Philips Hue, Nest Thermostat).
A website and an Android app for bike sharing users (Paris, Luxembourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, London, Toyama and more).

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